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In 1973, the founder and director of the S.S LAW OFFICE, Sofronis  Sofroniou, began his journey in the small Town of Morphou, the so-called town of Aphrodite, located in North Side of Cyprus which is occupied by the Turkish Troops since 1974.

As a refugee in his own country, S.Sofroniou moved with the rest of the refugees from Morphou to Limassol, one of the most beautiful, progressive and developed cities in Europe.


In 1975, He re-opened his Law Firm in Limassol and throughout all these years, the Firm has been evolving extremely well in all the legal fields by providing Legal services to the public. Moreover, the S.Sofroniou Law Office has been provividing Legal, Corporate and Business quality services not only to its clients within the Republic of Cyprus but also to its clients worldwide.

In addition, through our extensive network of associate offices around the world we can offer our clients worldwide business and legal solutions when necessary. Our associate offices are situated in many countries such as in Greece, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Canada, the U.S and Pakistan.


Within the 50 years of experience and excellence, the S.Sofroniou Law Office has offered and provided services with dignity and professionalism not only to individuals but to Public and Private Organisations, Limited Companies, Municipalities, Banks, Teams in all areas of sports, Institutions and multinational Organisations.


All lawyers in the S. Sofroniou Law Office are registered with the Cyprus Bar Association, which regulates the legal profession in Cyprus. The Firm has been providing services as Lawyers, Legal Advisors and Arbitrators in regards to claims and compensating. 


Finally, the Firm’s history and proffer continues to provide quality legal services  by introducing new solutions and efficient results to its clients tworldwide in order for the S&A Sofroniou Law Office to continue its successful path.