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Today, we sadly announce the loss of a really important friend, relative and partner, our dear and beloved Anastasia (Tasoula) Neophytou.

After 36 years of efficient and successful cooperation, our beloved Tasoula passed away but we will never forget the brightness of her smile, hard work and her gift of sharing her happiness and joy by motivating the people around her. She will always be remembered and always have a place in our hearts.

Our tears will never dry, our memories will never fade and her vision of a better, loving world will always remain in our minds, hearts and souls. Dear Tasoula, our Law Office will never be the same without your presence and your peaceful mind.

Your soul and many memories will be eternal and never be forgotten. You were and always will remain a gem of a person for our team and your family. 

Sleep well our dearest friend. Words cannot describe our feelings, emotions and tears. We will continue rekindling our memories together. May your soul find peace, we will miss you and love you dearly. 


Published by the Director - Sofronios Sofroniou