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The Government of Cyprus began the fight against the virus from March 2020 by issuing different measures, restrictions and decrees in order to prevent the spreading and protect the public health. Since the beginning, the Council of Ministers has been providing instructions to the public to be safe, avoid any unneccessary movements, wear facemasks indoors, continuous wash of hands and limited attendance of people in different events and entertaining facilities/places. 

Due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases being recorded in Cyprus especially the last few weeks and the resulting spread of the pandemic within the community, the new measures have been decided between the inter-ministerial committee and the Advisory Scientific Committee for the coronavirus under the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, with the aim of bringing under control the infection with the virus and is spread in the community for the protection of the public health.

In the most recent decree issued by the Ministry of Health and with the association of the aforementioned parties and commitees, the extended measures state the following:

  • Attendance of maximum 10 people, including underage children, at house gatherings and public assembly places
  • Instructions for the Church services and/or religious ceremonies, shall be provided and performed by the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus
  • The holding of matches in sport premises, in the context of athletic championships, is allowed without spectators being present, provided that relevant protocols are applied
  • The maximum number of people allowed to be served in catering establishments is set at 75 persons in indoor areas and 150 persons in outdoor areas
  • Social distancing of 3 sq.m. indoor areas and 2 sq.m. for outdoor areas, regardless the square metre area of each establishment
  • Cocktail parties and well-wishing ceremonies at weddings and christenings are prohibited. Physical presence is only allowed at lunch or dinner with a maximum attendance of 350 people
  • The holding of events in theatres, concerts etc. are allowed in both indoor and outdoor venues at a 50% capacity
  • The serving hours of retail businesses of drinks and food and pharmacies is between 08:00 - 21:00

--> The aforementioned extended measures, shall come into force as of tomorrow, 18th of October 2020 and for a period of two weeks which is until the 2nd November 2020.

In regards now to the additional measures for the city and the district of Lemesos, the following have been decided:

      • The functioning of catering/entertaining establishments/facilities allowed until 22:30
      • It is strongly recommended that members of the public restrict their movement after 23:30

-->The measures for the city and district of Limassol, shall come into force as of tomorrow, 18 October 2020, lasting until the 26th of October 2020.

Please note that the use of facemasks by the general population, aged 12 years and above, is mandatory for all indoor areas as described in the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.

***For more details/guidelines in concern to COVID-19 please visit the following web page https://www.pio.gov.cy/coronavirus/eng and to check the records about the coronavirus cases in Cyprus and worldwide press on the following link Worldometers for Coronavirus cases

Published by Avgoustinos Sofroniou