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Business Direction Events

In these challenging times, Cyprus offers opportunities for investment across a wide range of sectors which have proven popular and successful.

Topics of Discussion:

    •  Banking, Tax and Legal Services
    • Real Estate - Sales & Management 
    • Funds Management & Assets 
    • Investing Opportunities & Large Scale Projects      

Avgoustinos Sofroniou, as the successor of the S&A Sofroniou Law Firm, was invited by one of our associate Law Firms situated in London in order to be one of the moderators of the event. The Panel's topic was about Funds & Asset Management in the U.K and Cyprus and all participants used their knowledge and experience to compare the competition between countries (inside and outside the EU) by outlining ways in which fund management and using assets wisely can effect in the development of opportunities and investment worldwide. 

The aim and purpose of the event is to provide a forum where ideas can be exchanged and discussed, where a gathering of professional speakers are brought together under one roof to enlighten attendees with their in depth and up to date knowledge on both current and long term projections for Cyprus.

In addition, by promoting invaluable business opportunities between Cyprus and UK, more networking opportunities will arise and many businesses can benefit from, such as exciting new projects, security of investment, low rate corporation tax, legal, financial and political stability. 

In conclusion, events such as the current one, can encourage many businesses and investors to get involved in networking with a view of forming new business relations from all over the world.

Published by Eliza Sofroniou